Your Intention defines the Quality of your Communication

Our intention when starting a conversation defines the quality of our communication. 

What’s your intention when you go into a meeting? Do you come with a specific list of outcomes and a clear vision of what this talk will result in? If that sounds familiar, you may also know how easy it is to fall into the trap of trying to „win“ or to „be right“ or to „judge“ the other person.

Next time, try to come from a place of open-mindedness, of paying attention to your partner, and the connectedness between you. It helps me to get into that mindset when I consider WHY I’m interested in a certain outcome. WHY that matters so much to me. The focus on my underlying needs helps me to be open to other solutions that may also fulfill my need, to come with clarity into the conversation, and to bring a willingness to listen to the needs of the other person. Even if our needs are different and we don’t agree, we may still be able to have a good conversation and find a compromise.

Let me know where you come from when you go into conversations and leave me a comment on YouTube or Instagram.