Three Communication Actions to Prevent Burnout

Three communications actions to prevent burnout in healthcare. 

In this episode, I share with @mindfulnurses my top 3 communication actions to prevent burnout. As a nurse, I did experience work shifts, during which I couldn’t find time to eat, and still, I left the hospital with energy left. And then there were normally busy days, and I felt totally exhausted at the end of the day. Can you relate?

I thought about why some shifts were so much more exhausting, and for me, as it turns out, my energy level is tied to the connections I’m able to create. I feel drained and exhausted when I’m disconnected from myself, my colleagues, and clients. ⁠That’s the reason why all my communication work starts with self-connection and self-empathy. Because, how are we supposed to connect with anybody, if we are disconnected from ourselves? ⁠

In this episode, I provide you very hands-on, guided exercises to connect with yourself. Through concrete examples, you’ll get a chance to explore what’s going on inside of you and what matters to you. I explain why self-connection gives you more communication choices and how it allows you to effectively express yourself. We look closely at empathy, and you will be able to differentiate between real empathy and empathy „in disguise“. I share strategies with you on how to get empathy and how to take mini mindful moments during a busy workday.

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