Inspire behavior change through communication

Knowledge and fear are often not enough to break with behavior patterns. I know from my own experience how difficult changes can be, and how persistent we want to hold on to what we know.

In this podcast, I will show how you can effectively guide someone towards a healthier lifestyle and behaviors through mindful communication. 

As a first step, we will look at our inner attitude. It will be hard to support someone if we fall into the thinking pattern of „I know better, I am the expert, listen to me, and follow my advice“. However, if we enter a conversation with curiosity, care, and openness, we can really understand the other person. We can meet someone on their change journey where they are, and not where we want someone to be. 

Familiarize yourself with six different change phases, and how you can best support in each phase. This includes relapses, and I’ll tell you why we welcome and celebrate them as a learning opportunity. Have fun watching and let me know how you like the episode by leaving a comment on YouTube or Instagram.