Why we all need more improv to find in our communication flow

In my early improv days, my head went spinning as soon as I stepped on stage. What should I say next? What could happen to my character next? What could our relationship become? And, how on earth should I turn this embarrassment into something remotely entertaining, let alone funny?

While the embarrassment lingered, something important changed over time. I was able to worry less about the next step. I was able to focus on what was happening right here at this moment. There was a raised eye-brow in my scene partner, and I was able to notice it and play with it. We were in the midst of a marital crisis while standing in front of the altar. I could stop worrying about how to bring drama into our scene. The fun was already right here, in the presence.

Being present allowed me to find my improv flow, and it allows me to find my communication flow. Watch this episode to hear more about my lessons learned, including why it’s ALWAYS worth to follow the fear! 

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