How less self-judgement expands our communication playground

In this episode of Connected Curious Care, we take a close look at how self-judgment influences our communication.

We all know that inner critic, that often speaks up automatically. „How could this happen to you?“ „That must have been the dumbest question anyone has ever asked.“ „I’m sure she thinks I’m not capable of this“…. just to list a few examples on my hit list.

When we judge ourselves, we unconsciously limit our communication playground. We can only hear something in a certain way, usually negative, and our responses are also shaped by self-judgments. Our entire attitude, towards ourselves and others, is influenced by this inner communication. Often we don’t even have to say anything for our self-judgments to become visible to others.

Our communication scope only becomes larger again when we become more forgiving, loving, and understanding towards ourselves as well. When we don’t make up negative stories about ourselves but approach ourselves with curiosity and openness.

Check it out, and take away from this episode:

💜 Why self-judgments remind me of a soccer field;

💜 How self-judgments influence our exchanges and our own experience of a situation;

💜 How we re-expand our communication playground.


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