Why "It's going to be ok" is all but ok

Do you know this urge to say something to make somebody feel less upset? Finding the right words in stressful situations is not easy and I experienced firsthand, how some communication choices in healthcare settings can add to the pain.

In this episode of Connected Curious Care, I share with you a very personal experience with the sentence "It's going to be ok". I open up about how hearing that sentence made me feel even more alone, even angry.

There was a time when I used that exact sentence as a nurse, and in my podcast, I talk about why I often thought that dramatic situations require more than a simple gesture of empathy.

Tune in and learn about what kind of communication would have helped me to receive and feel connected at distressing moments, when I was a patient and on the other side of the table. I would love to hear from your experience. Leave me a comment on my YouTube Channel or Instagram