Carina Schmid


I'm Carina

My focus is on trauma-informed coaching for groups and individuals to actively prevent burnout, enhance well-being, and facilitate healing processes.

I live in Brooklyn, New York and I'm also at home in southern Germany. Hence my Hänglish (High German with Swabian Dialect meets English).

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You want to solve conflicts with confidence?

Without causing harm or getting harmed?

You want to show your limits clearly?

Without compromising the relationship or burning yourself out?

You want to communicate with empathy?

Without needing more of your scarce time?

Working at a Stroke Unit as a nurse, I feared the hallways the most. When walking the long hospital corridors, a sense of entrapment overwhelmed me whenever colleagues passed by. An uncontrollable, burning heat would take over my face, turning it a signal red. Confused and ashamed by my blushing, I felt utterly powerless to manage or halt it. Other physical symptoms began to appear, and despite receiving external support, I ultimately made the decision to leave my profession. The weight of perceived failure convinced me that I wasn’t suited for a career in healthcare. Unbeknownst to me at the time, what got in the way of my professional path and well-being was unhealed personal trauma that continued to linger within my body.

The costs to not address trauma and hurt are tremendous, for all involved. The individual, the team, the patient, and the organization. That’s why I’m so passionate to offer trauma-informed services to groups and individuals that create strong connections, foster well-being and healing.

Carina Schmid
Carina Schmid

I know these moments all too well. In my years as a nurse and as the Director of Global Health Programs of an international organization focusing on health communication, I gained a lot of first-hand experience with interpersonal and behavior change communication. A turning point in my communication practice and trainings came when I discovered mindfulness and nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg.

Communication gives me the strength and energy for whatever comes up each day. I learned to stay connected with myself and build authentic relationships. I really enjoy passing on my knowledge and look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

What I think about when I hear the following words

For everyone who would like to know more about me.


As a member of the New York Threshold Choir, I experience the comforting and healing power of song. These are special moments, having the privilege to accompany people on their final journey.enschen auf ihrer letzten Reise begleiten dürfen.



Improvisation Theatre

When I'm on stage with nothing but a vague idea, I have no choice but to trust myself, to be present, and to follow my fear. Everything starts with the sentence: Yes, and. No no, no but, no maybe. It's not about how good I am, but how I create something new together with my fellow players.

Soap Operas

We like to learn through stories. As Director of Health Programs, I inspired change through soap operas, with lots of drama, villains, and heartbreak. This passion is not just professional, as I'm an avowed fan of the German show Storm of Love. I’ll spare you the details, but yes, it is as cheesy as it sounds.


Favorite Place

I'm at home in many places and love to travel. Through my work with UNICEF and various health ministries, I was able to get to know many people and cultures worldwide. Despite all these wonderful experiences, Oberstdorf has remained my favorite place since I was a child. When I'm in the Alps, I can let go.


I'm the oldest of three girls and if there is one place where communication is going to town, it's in our families. As sisters, we learned to negotiate early on, e.g. on daylong car trips to the Adriatic Sea when my dad brought cassettes of local oompah bands. It's took SOME "Are we there yet" before we heard our music. 


“If you stop learning, you stop being good.” I love growing and discovering new things. My first graduation was the lowest high school degree in the German school system. Now I teach at my alma mater Columbia University here in New York and really enjoy exploring with my students. 


2023 - ongoing
Wellness Institute
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Training
2020 - 2023
Sarah Peyton
Certified Resonant Healing Practitioner
Brooklyn, NY
Carina Schmid, LLC Founded
Columbia University, New York, NY
Lecturer & Faculty Advisor
The Center for Nonviolent Communication
Nonviolent Communication Intensive Training
Oren Jay Sofer
Mindful Communication Training
UMass Memorial Healthcare Center for Mindfulness
Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training
PCI Media, New York, NY
Global Health Programs Director

Social and behavior change communication

Columbia University, New York, NY
Master of Public Health

Socio-medical Department

FHTW, Berlin, Germany
Bachelor of Business Communication
RKU, Ulm, Germany
Nurse, Neurological Intermediate Care
Biberach, Germany
Registered Nurse

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