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"I feel strong enough, good enough, and brave enough to heal" – Coaching Client

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1:1 coaching is for clients who not only want to develop a deeper understanding of why certain situations, interactions, and relationships are challenging for them, but also want to change something about them.

"This process has been so powerful that it changed my life in every aspect and field, be it as a mother of a toddler and teenager, as a wife of a successful professional, as a leader in the medical field, or as a volunteer in my community" Coaching Client

Coaching sessions often start with everyday moments of stress or conflicts. 

It's a good starting point to understand what's happening internally and which memories of past events come up. Examples include

  • Feeling guilty when not covering a shift
  • Self-doubt when receiving feedback
  • Existential fear when someone raises their voice
  • Sudden bursts of anger when things don't go as planned 
  • Panic about speaking in front of a group
  • Alarmed aloneness being surrounded by others
  • Disgust when colleagues don't do their job


"As a female professional, my struggles are internal and external. Some struggles can’t even be discussed in public as that would create more stress." – Coaching Client

Strong emotions are often triggered not only by a situation in the here and now but also by experiences that have shaped us. We react based on what's in our imaginary backpack. For me personally, a lot changed when I gained a better understanding of my 'bags from the past.' However, a true turning point came when I had the opportunity to let go of these bags, heal, and repack my backpack

Through a neuroscientific approach called 'resonant healing,' emotional wounds and traumatic memories are not only understood but also resolved. 

My training with Sarah Peyton as a Certified Resonant Healing Practitioner allows me to pass on this transformation to my clients. The following coaching experiences of my clients may make this more tangible.

One of my clients shared how frustrating it is when a colleague, who is also a friend, repeatedly seeks advice but doesn't follow through with it. She described an inner pressure to find solutions for others and felt guilty when impatience arose.

In our coaching sessions, we examined what was happening in her body and when her body had felt similarly in the past. Memories from the past surfaced, and we discovered an agreement she had made with herself a long time ago. My client had taken it upon herself to always demonstrate her care and love by finding solutions for others and fixing everything to secure her place within her family. Through targeted process work, we were able to dissolve this agreement and replace it with the trust that her care is palpable through mindful presence for others. At our next meeting, she told me how relaxed it felt to simply listen to her colleague.

A social worker came to one of our meetings and sounded simply exhausted. Everything was a struggle, from getting up in the morning to brushing her teeth at night.

She felt overall left alone with this situation and repeatedly heard that she should take better care of herself, but that's easier said than done. Taking care of herself was not only uncharted territory for my client, but it also didn't feel right; it felt wrong and selfish.

Through a journey into the past, we revisited past wounds together and gently acknowledged them with resonance. Through this process, she was able to tend to old wounds and dissolve contracts that were once helpful but now stood in her way. Instead of the agreement never to be loving to herself, in order to make sense of all the experienced rejection, she could give herself the gift of approaching every single cell of herself with warmth.

Nach einem Erstgespräch kannst Du Deine Coaching-Stunden buchen. Die Termine dafür vereinbaren wir gemeinsam zu flexiblen Zeiten und Abständen, um Deinem wechselnden Dienstplan gerecht zu werden. Alle unserer Treffen erfolgen via Videoanruf auf Zoom.

Eine Session kann wie folgt aufgebaut sein: 

1 | Arrive with a mindfulness exercise

2 | Deine persönliche Challenge 

3 | Input mit praxisrelevanten Beispielen

4 | Übungen, Resonanz, oder Rollenspiele perfekt auf Dich abgestimmt 

5 | Your specific questions 

6 | Gemeinsames Ausklingen

The content of your coaching is tailored to your individual communication goals. A growth process that accompanies you on your very own path. Topics that often come up from experience can include the following:

How to communicate with presence even in the greatest stress;

How to create a strong connection and kind communication with yourself;

How to give yourself empathy while becoming more independent of others;

How you can meet others with empathy and do something good for yourself in the process;

How to prepare for difficult conversations and recover from hurtful ones;

How to resolve conflicts and clearly communicate your boundaries;

How you skillfully handle feedback and motivate team members;

Mit meinem Coaching erhältst Du individuelle & persönliche Betreuung durch:

Video Zoom Sessions zu Deinen Lieblingszeiten an Deinem Lieblingsort und in Deinem Lieblingsoutfit:

  • 1 kostenlose und unverbindliche Kennenlern-Session;
  • Einzel-Sessions a 60 Minuten; oder ein
  • Session-Bundle mit sechs Sessions a 60 Minuten, mit andauernder What’s App Unterstützung. 


Supplemental work materials:

  • Du erhältst gegebenenfalls schriftliche Materialien und Arbeitsblätter, um Dich auch außerhalb unserer Sessions bestmöglich zu unterstützen.
  • Du erhältst gegebenenfalls nach unseren Sessions Hausaufgaben mit Spaßgarantie, damit Du das Gelernte gleich in die Praxis umsetzen kannst.


Meine persönliche Begleitung und Feedback zwischen Bundle-Sessions:

  • We stay in regular exchange via What's App to discuss your questions and progress.
  • SOS What’s App Verbindung bei Kommunikations-Notfällen.


Zugang zu meinen online Trainings & Guides für Session-Bundles

  • Connection Candy. Online Empathie-Training in fünf Modulen mit Videoanleitungen, praktischen Übungen und Arbeitsblättern. 
  • Webinar Resilienz. Meine persönliche Reise zu mehr Resilienz und wie ich durch die Wiederentdeckung meiner Emotionen mein 4-Step Resilienz-Model entwickelt habe.
  • Change Guide. Wie Du Verhaltensänderungen als Gesundheitsfachkraft kommunikativ unterstützen kannst (und warum Wissen und Angst keine langfristige Veränderung bringt).
  •  Empathie Guide. Wie Du empathisch kommunizierst und von gut gemeinten oder automatischen Antworten unterscheiden kannst. 

Die Termine für unsere Sessions vereinbaren wir individuell, um auch Schichtdiensten gerecht zu werden.

Gute Coaching Sessions gehen in die Tiefe und es ist wichtig, dass wir uns beide wohlfühlen. Deshalb vereinbare ich immer ein kostenloses Erstgespräch, und danach stehen Sessions zu Buchung bereit.

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Coaching is very personal and it's important that you feel comfortable with me. That's why I always offer a free initial consultation, giving us a chance to getting to know each other and to look closely at your challenges.