How to deal with difficult people with assertiveness & intuition (or aren't we all a tad difficult)

Work would be so much easier if it wouldn’t be for this one colleague, this one patient, or this one supervisor… We all experienced colleagues or clients whose behavior one may describe as challenging or even difficult. The question is, how do we manage and communicate with „difficult people“? That’s exactly the topic of this week’s episode of Connected Curious Care in conversation with my guest Gill Hasson.

Gill wrote 20+ books about connecting with us and others, and we touched on a wild mix of crucial communication topics. If you are the type of person that likes to taste every yummy dessert on the menu, then this episode is for you.

One sentence that really stuck with me from our conversation was „Difficult people have friends, too“. And maybe we are all a bit difficult when the timing is right… Check out this episode of Connected Curious Care and take away the following:

✨ Why communication is often intuitive;

✨ How we find connection across differences;

✨ How we become more assertive;

✨ Why all communication styles serve a purpose, including the passive-aggressive style;

✨ How we can connect with difficult people and what that really means.

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