Communicate with more Presence

Presence plays a central role in successful communication.

I’m not only talking about our presence towards others but, above all, towards ourselves. Where we come from, what we feel, what we need and want. When we are connected to ourselves, we have more space to connect with our conversation partners.

In my first podcast episode, I tell you what helps me to be present and what makes it difficult for me to be in the here and now. My favorite strategy for more presence is always available, no matter where I am, when, and with whom. Being more present in our communication has many advantages. We have more control, choice, and able to draw easier on resources. We don’t get quickly into the autopilot response modus and say something that we might regret. Presence also helps us to pull the emergency brake during a conversation and helps us to avoid finding ourselves crying or screaming (I’ve experienced it all).

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